Tjayanka Woods

6 AM 11581/15
Tjayanka Woods The Seven Sisters 2009
Acrylic on cotton
750 x 1500mm
$5206 including resale royalty

This is a popular dreamtime story of seven ladies being chased through the desert by one man. There are numerous scenarios as these ladies travel around. Eventually they rise up into the sky and form the Peliades, a group of seven stars seen in the southern skies. There are many variations of this story.

Tjanyanka paints the Tjurkurpa-creation stories and tracks she walked as a young girl when she was still living a nomadic lifestyle. She uses a brush to create lines which represent paths of travel of the tjuritja beings with the circular shapes representing the sacred sites or the tjuritja beings themselves. She then uses a punu-stick to paint lines of coloured dots representing the rich and beautiful country for which she is responsible.

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