The Wild Western Desert exhibition

8 AM 8116/11
Pulpurru Davies Minyma Kutjarra 2008
Acrylic on linen
1020 x 1020mm

Nyukur is a site with two rockholes west of Minna Minna, and Tamantjarra is a little rockhole further west again. Two ladies carrying special ladies things are confronted by two memn (wati kutjarra) who want to see what they have got. The two ladies hide it underneath them as they are sitting down. The men travel on toward the lake Kulutjarra where they find mingjurlpa before heading back toward Mulayaritjan and see the ladies again, they watch them cry and sing. One lady has lost her special dog which is white like Pintalypa (bush tomato before it is ripe). She is wailing for her dog and singing to the other lady - where are we going to look, where can he be as they walk this way and that, in circles looking for her special dog.

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