Texas, Darragyn and Bawoorrooga

3 AM 1747/04
Hector Jandany Two Dumbunjy - Two Owls (10/30) 2004
Print, framed AM 1748/04 unframed (11/30
144mm x 245mm

This place called Ngurrungnapum lies in Ngarrgooroon Country. Ngarrgooroon is Hector's mother's and grandmother's country. This is Doombyndji Ngarrangkarni (Owl Dreaming) country. Hector recounts that in the Ngarrangkarni the owl was created. Here he has drawn the husband on the left and the wife on the right. From these two owls all other owls were created. The Doombyndji features in many of the stories for Hector's country.

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