Texas, Darragyn and Bawoorrooga

2 AM 1742/04
Colleen Carter Bawoorrooga 2002
Natural ochre & pigment on canvas
1200 x 900mm

On the way to Fitzroy Crossing along the main road, you will come across this Dreaming place called Two Sisters. In the Dreaming two "wirro" ( little birds, little swallows) were looking for a place to build their clay nest. They needed a place that was protected from the elements, a place that was cool and sheltered. As they flew, they came across two sisters, and asked them if they could build their nest nearby. The sisters said yes, but as the wirro tried to build up their nest of clay, the mud kept slipping from the side of the hill. The little birds tried again and again. But each time they tried to start the clay nest it slid down the side of the hill. Eventually the birds built their nest successfully on the lower part of the hill. But you can still see the band of clay where the little birds tried to attach their nests to the side of the hill.

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