Texas, Darragyn and Bawoorrooga

17 AM 1479/03
Queenie McKenzie Mook Mook Owl near Pompeii Pillar 1995
Natural ochre & pigment on canvas
760 x 605mm

Near Pompeii Pillar - turnoff to Argyle mine. This painting was purchased by Neil McLeod in 1995 from the Warmun Pensioner Unit. Mook Mook Owl is from Pompei Pillar. This is the same owl that Rover Thomas painted. The story of Dumbi is a Ngarinyn story (David Mowaljarlai, Jack Dale) but the owl is the same owl. Queenie and Rover painted the Mook Mook which is a story about the boo-book owl which live in a cave near Pompei Pillar, near the Warmun community. The owls have been incorporated into the songs and dances of the Krill Krill ceremony, of which Rover Thomas was the custodian.

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