Texas, Darragyn and Bawoorrooga

16 AM 1745/04
Mabel Juli Kuranda Warrin - Two Brolgas 2003
Natural ochre & pigment on canvas
200 x 250mm

In the Ngarrangkarni (Dreaming) two women were collecting junda and filling up their yowinji (coolamon) with it. Junda is a grass which contains tucker inside, like small onions. An insect approached the two women and spat water at the coolamon, throwing all the junda on the ground. The insect flew away and the two women followed him until they came to a large waterhole. When they got to the water they bathed themselves and had a good drink. They took some bushes and put them on their arms to make wings, and they became brolgas. They took a coolamon each, filled it with water and took it up to the sky. A man returned from hunting kangaroo to find the waterhole dry. He called out to a young man who was sleeping, "help me get the water back." The young man woke up and threw a stick in the air, hitting the coolamon so that the water came back to the waterhole. The young man turned into a green tree frog, jumping out of the water and into a tree. The man who had been hunting turned into a blanket lizard and climbed a tree. The two women are represented by the large oval shapes at the centre of the painting. The small ovals by their sides are kurdo - rocks which are used to hit the ground to soften the junda and make the tucker come out. The curved oval shape before the women is their coolamon, and surrounding the women is the junda.

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