Malungu (From the Sea)

31 AT042
Alick Tipoti Kuyku Garpathamai Mabaig 2007
Linocut image, 2240x1400mm paper

Kuyku Garparthamai Mabaig means Headhunter. In this print I have depicted a Headhunter communicating with the spirits of his victims. Details of these particular practices are never shared with other people due to cultural beliefs and protocols. I have also identified the weapons of the Kuyku Garpathamai Mabaig; the Gagai (bow), Thaiyak (arrow), Gagauru (bow rope), Upi (bamboo beheading knife). Famous Headhunters were known to have several wives. In the top half of the Gagai, I have hidden three wives. When a Headhunter departs his island with his army, and heads off to do battle, his wives await his return. Sometimes he does, sometimes he doesn_t. When it is past the time he has indicated he will return, he is considered dead. On short trips his wives place a Kukuwam flower in a Kubar (coconut shell) when the Kukwam dies, he is believed to be dead. Back in the time of the Headhunters, attacking and fighting skills were important when initiated. © The Australian Art Print Network

Edition Size: 45 Medium: Linocut Lino block Created: N / A, N/A on August, 2007 Published: Melbourne, VIC on October, 2007 Printer: Printer - Unknown Studio: N / A Paper: N / A Orientation: Portrait Paper Height: 2,240 mm ( 88.2" ) Paper Width: 1,400 mm ( 55.1" ) Image Height: 2,010 mm ( 79.1" ) Image Width: 1,180 mm ( 46.5" )

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