Malungu (From the Sea)

3 AT009
Alick Tipoti Koedalal Ar Sapural 2006
Linocut image, 500x700mm paper

Sapural inhabit the thick mangroves that outline parts of the many different islands of Zenadh Kes. During high tides when the Sapur hang off the low branches close to the water, they can be taken by hungry crocodiles. In this print I have depicted two koedal, and disguised two for my viewers to find. I have also hidden some images of the Sapur head. Edition Size: 70 Medium: Linocut Original Created: Horn Island (TSI), QLD on October, 2006 Print Published: Thursday Island (TSI), QLD on December, 2006 Printer: Alick Tipoti Studio: Artist's Studio Paper: Whatman Orientation: Landscape Paper Height: 500 mm ( 19.7" ) Paper Width: 700 mm ( 27.6" ) Image Height: 410 mm ( 16.1" ) Image Width: 560 mm ( 22.0" )

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