Malungu (From the Sea)

25 AT036
Alick Tipoti Malu Lag A Daparau Zugubal 2006
Linocut image, 1180x2320mm paper

The images depicted in this print are the Zugubal. These Zugubal inhabit the three elements of the natural world. The Land, Sky and Sea. These Zugubal can transform into any creature from their chosen environment. This print shows the Daparau Zugub (Sky Zugub) changing into a Ngagalaig (Eagle), the Lagau Zugub (Land Zugub) transforming into a Umai (Dog), and the Malu Zugub (Sea Zugub turning into a Koedal (Crocodile).

(Copyright. The artist and The Australian Art Print Network)

Edition Size: 35 Medium: Linocut Lino block Created: N / A, N/A on January, 2006 Published: Cairns, QLD on January, 2007 Printer: Theo Tremblay Studio: Artist's Studio Paper: Hahnemuhle Orientation: Landscape Paper Height: 1,180 mm ( 46.5" ) Paper Width: 2,320 mm ( 91.3" ) Image Height: 1,050 mm ( 41.3" ) Image Width: 2,200 mm ( 86.6" )

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