Malungu (From the Sea)

22 AT033
Alick Tipoti Kuklaw Bidhiyal 2006
Linocut image, 570x380mm paper

Kuki in our language means the wind blowing from the Northwest. Bidhai mean squid. Kukiaw Bidhiyal means squids of the Northwest season. During this time of the year many Bidhiyal are seen in the sea. Young children from different villages compete against each other for who will catch the most squid.

Edition Size: 70 Medium: Linocut Lino Created: Thursday Island (TSI), QLD on October, 2006 Published: Thursday Island (TSI), QLD on May, 2007 Printer: Alick Tipoti Studio: Artist's Studio Paper: BFK Rives Orientation: Landscape Paper Height: 570 mm ( 22.4" ) Paper Width: 380 mm ( 15.0" ) Image Height: 313 mm ( 12.3" ) Image Width: 313 mm ( 12.3" )

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