Malungu (From the Sea)

18 AT026
Alick Tipoti Gagaiyiew Maril 2006
Linocut image, 380x570mm paper

This print shows the energy and force of the Gagai (bow) when it is pulled. It was once believed that when a weapon like the Gagai was used to kill many people in battle, the spirits of those killed would remain with the weapon, becoming a part of it. In this print I show the spirits of all the different victims taken by the arrows. The scarification on the warriors also indicated their fighting ability, showing their experience as a headhunter. At times he may communicate with the spirits of the Gagai to guide him in battle.

Edition Size: 50 Medium: Linocut Lino Created: Horn Island (TSI), QLD on October, 2006 Published: Thursday Island (TSI), QLD on December, 2006 Printer: Alick Tipoti Studio: Artist's Studio Paper: Whatmans Orientation: Landscape Paper Height: 570 mm ( 22.4" ) Paper Width: 380 mm ( 15.0" ) Image Height: 310 mm ( 12.2" ) Image Width: 310 mm ( 12.2" )

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