Malungu (From the Sea)

16 AT024
Alick Tipoti Aingu Uthuy Mabaig 2006
Linocut image, 380x570mm paper

The title translates as 'gardener'. It is based on a person who spends most of his days working hard planting his crops in his garden beds. He must understand the weather patterns to know when to plant his food. This print shows a dedicated gardener performing a sacred ritual dance to call the rain before he plants.

Edition Size: 50 Medium: Linocut Lino Created: Horn Island (TSI), QLD on October, 2006 Published: Thursday Island (TSI), QLD on December, 2006 Printer: Alick Tipoti Studio: Artist's Studio Paper: Whatmans Orientation: Landscape Paper Height: 570 mm ( 22.4" ) Paper Width: 380 mm ( 15.0" ) Image Height: 310 mm ( 12.2" ) Image Width: 310 mm ( 12.2" )

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