Malungu (From the Sea)

15 AT023
Alick Tipoti Gubau Goeyga 2006
Linocut image, 570x760mm paper

This song is based on a song about the Gubau Goeyga (sun of the wind) that was composed by my grandfather Waipila Tipoti, also known as Athe Soka. This print explains the inheritance of this song, and its importance in Maluilgal culture. The canoe belongs to a particular family and those who are of urpun kulk (one bloodline). The first image on the canoe represents Athe Soka composing the song. He is passing ownership of the song to his son Leniaso Tipoti who sits behind him. Their eyes are closed and they are seated, this relates to their passing. My father is passing on to the person standing behind him. This person is myself. I am currently the traditional owner of this song. The image representing me holding the young boys' hand is a sign of knowing who to hand over the rights to. The young boy is my son Leniaso Argan Besai Tipoti. I have not yet passed the song on, as it is part of a process which will continue throughout my lifetime. We are all wearing the Dhoeri, which shows that we all belong to the Maluilgal of Kenadh Kes. The circular designs represent the Goeygoey (sun) sinking in the west. The black strip lying across the print represents the black clouds carrying the rain and blocking the view of the beautiful sky towards Wour (southeast). Behind the sun I have shown the Baidam (shark) referring to certain weather patterns seen at dawn. The sea creatures are Thupmul (file ray) and a Koedal (crocodile). These are my totems handed down from my ancestors. The thupmul is a totem commonly known to the tribe Argan of Badu Island. The Koedal is of my ancestors from Mabuiag Island. The sun belongs to the winds and we call it Gubau Goeyga.

Edition Size: 70 Medium: Linocut Lino Created: Horn Island (TSI), QLD on October, 2006 Published: Thursday Island (TSI), QLD on December, 2006 Printer: Alick Tipoti Studio: Artist's Studio Paper: Whatmans Orientation: Landscape Paper Height: 570 mm ( 22.4" ) Paper Width: 760 mm ( 29.9" ) Image Height: 500 mm ( 19.7" ) Image Width: 640 mm ( 25.2" )

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