Tasmanian Living Artists Week 2004

3 AM 1486/03
Rosalind Langford Seven Sisters 2003
Acrylic on Galacia linen
1220 x 910mm

This painting is the artist's interpretations of the story of the Seven Sister's journey.

It is said that when the Seven Sisters' stars are seen in the Eastern Sky that it is then the time for celebration, the coming together to share stories and perform age-old ceremony. The interpretations of that story: The left hand side of the painting, shows the Seven Sisters each with their own special aura resting in the belt of Orion (the Milky Way). Each of these spiritual gifts have specific purposes - the spiritual gifts of healing, sight, tranquility, story telling, keepers of lore, nurturing - together they become a strong spiritual force. The artist has depicted their journey to earth bringing with them their spiritual auras to spread throughout earth. The spiritual figures are the Seven Sisters carrying their spiritual gifts to spread throughout earth. The brown represents the earth. The U shapes represent many people coming together to celebrate and share. The centre circle represents Spirituality, the continuing wheel of life. The U shapes within the centre circle represent Aboriginal elders who have been specially chosen by the Spirit Sisters to impart their spiritual gifts to. The artist has painted this painting as a spiritual healing painting.

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