Stars of Yuendumu new paintings from Warlukurlangu Artists, Yuendumu, NT

36 AM 8841/12
Paddy Japaljarri Stewart Door 30 Wangarla, Janganpa Manu Parra 2011
Acrylic on Belgian linen
1070 x 460mm

Door 30 - Wangarla, Janganpa manu Parra (Crow, Possum and Dawn Dreaming) This story is about the sacred earth created from the Dreaming. It shows the dreamtime story of the Crow. It also shows the Possum Dreaming, who was all alone at a swamp east of Yuendumu when the Dawn Dreaming appeared. The Crow Dreaming sat all alone on a desert oak, a tree like the mulga, in a place call Wangarlanjiri, north-east of Yuendumu. The place created by crow dreaming is not a soakage or a rockhole; it is a desert oak. The oaks associated with Crow are very thick. Crow landed on one of the trees. He was hungry and searching for something to eat. This story is about the sacred earth created from the dreaming. The Dreaming ground of the crow is black, like the crows themselves. When they flew away from their homeland to the south before scattering in all directions from the dreaming ground they all turned black, like crows today. There are other crows associated with land north of Yuendumu which is also ours, but I have painted the crow homeland of Wangarlanjiri, because it belongs to me.

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