Stars of Yuendumu new paintings from Warlukurlangu Artists, Yuendumu, NT

27 AM 8829/12
Paddy Japaljarri Stewart Wangarlakurlu Jukurrpa (Crow Dreaming) 2012
Prestretched canvas
300 x 300mm

This painting depicts the Jukurrpa story of the 'wangarla' (crow [Corvus bennetti] [Corvus orru]). The 'wirliya' (tracks) of the 'wangarla' surround the 'kurrkara' (desert oak [Allocasuarina decaisneana]). The 'wangarla' landed on one of these trees and sat there all alone and hungry. This is the country of Wangarlinjiri, the place where all the crows flocked together and this Jukurrpa is the responsibility of members of the Japaljarri/Napaljarri subsection.

In the paintings of this Dreaming, the 'Kurrkara' are usually shown as circles within circles and the cross like shapes depict the 'wangarla' tracks.

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