Mick Quilliam Homelands

5 AM 5616/08
Mick Quilliam Beach Ceremony 2008
Acrylic on MDF board
1000 x 1000mm

An Aboriginal Beach Ceremony was performed for our wedding. Our wedding ceremony is a constant reminder of our personal connection to our family and friends and how we interact with them and the importance of staying connected. The ceremony site was set out with 2 rings of shells in the sand. Within the first ring of shells, our family surrounded us and extended family and friends formed a larger circle around the entire group.

The dots around the edge represent the sea and sand around the island we live on – Tasmania. The vivid blue represents the blue sky and clouds on the day. The central spiral symbolises the gathering. The wedding dancer and Didgeridoo player performed two spirit dance’s at the ceremony. One to bring good spirits into the ceremony and the other was for the good spirits to protect us throughout our lives together. This painting has special personal significance to me. My marriage to my soul mate – Ness.

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