Pink 2008

3 AM 5354/07
Nura Rupert Papa Tjuta 2007
Acrylic on cotton
300 x 1000mm

Papa Tjuta! Many Dogs! This painting is Nura’s story of the many many dogs where she lives at Pukaja. “Pupa Tjuta” she says, here are many dogs everywhere! Nura is an elderly woman with a great sense of humour and wild imagination, who is still very much in touch with the past and her childhood in the bush. With a joyous, childlike mind and heart, Nura often paints the things that bring her joy - kids, dogs, birds, flowers. She dares to go where others will not, gererally concerned with the action of mamu/spirits. Nura blurs the lines between the real world and the spirit world in her work, often having people, or rabbits, or dogs morphing into spirits.

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