Pink 2007

9 AM 4017/06
Liddy Napanangka Walker Ngalyipi Jukurrpa (Snake Vine Dreaming) 2006
Acrylic on Belgian linen
910 x 1220mm

The country of this Dreaming is Puturlu (Mt Theo), north-west of Yuendumu and significant to Napangardi and Napanangka women who are the custodiams of the Dreaming. Ngalyipi grows around gum trees and is collected by the karnta (women) to make strap for forehead to cure headache. It is also used as a bandage with leaves from the same plant to bind cuts. Hair string is also used for this purpose. This Dreaming belongs to Napanangka and Napangardi women. "Ngalyipi" (Tinospora smilacina or snake vine). This vine served several purposes. It could be used as a strap to carry parraja (food containers), as a tourniquet or as ceremonial rope when making witi poles. The wavy line represents the Ngalyipi and the concentric circles are Wapunungu (gum trees) that ngalyipi climbs around it. The U shape represents Karnta (women) collecting Ngalyipi.

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