Papunya Power

6 AM 7714/11
Long Jack Phillipus Tjakamarra Water & Possum Dreaming 2007
Acrylic on canvas
1220 x 1520mm

This painting is a combination of Water and Possum Dreaming. The painting represents an important hole near Kalipinypa (approximately 200klm North West of Papunya), where water dreaming ceremonies are preformed. The aboriginal people preform corroboree ceremonies that honour the important and significance of water to desert survival. The ceremony will include elements of a storm- wind, rain and lightning. The rains fill the water or rock holes and the water courses or creeks. The circles represent the water/rock holes. The lines connecting the rock holes are the water courses or creeks. The boomerang or ‘c’ shapes are the storm clouds. Kalipinya is also a Possum dreaming site.  The ‘E’ shapes are the tracks made by the possums and the curved lines indicate the paths travelled by the possum ancestors. The central circle indicates an important sacred site. Stories of the Possum Ancestors belong to the of the ‘Creation or Dreamtime’ world originated. The possum ancestors traversed the land holding ceremonies and secret sacred rituals to create the land formations as we know them today. The Possum ancestors are also honoured by aboriginal people in corroboree’s preformed at these sites.

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