Papunya Power

28 AM 341/02
Ray Tjapaltjari Mens Ceremonial Hair Belt Dreaming 2002
Acrylic on Belgian linen
910 x 1530mm

This painting depicts men travelling from Lajamanu to Arripalong to perform a ceremony. The men wear belts made from human hair as well as adorning themselves with a material called Wamulu. The Wamulu is a pulp created from a small herbaceous plant that is mixed with various ochres and other substances to get the desired colours. The Wamulu is represented here by the background dotting and the red lines either side of the concentric circle depict the hair belts. The concentric circles represent sacred sites were the ceremony is held. The semi circles either side of the two lines indicate the men. The 'dreaming' is the desert aboriginals belief of world creation, and this corroboree is a part of their initiation.

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