We're talking again about Papunya

8 AM 5548/08
Morris Major Tjangala Possum Tjukurrpa 2007
Acrylic on Belgian linen
610 x 915mm

Morris has depicted a Possum Dreaming site to the north of Kintore (west of Papunya) and Kalipinya. The 'E' shapes are the tracks made by the possums and the curved lines indicate the paths travelled by the possum ancestors. The central circle indicates an important sacred site. The other circles are rock holes where water can be found. Stories of the Possum Ancestors belong to the Creation or Dreamtime when the world originated. The Possum Ancestors traversed the land holding ceremonies and secret sacred rituals to create the land formations as we know them today. The Possum Ancestors are honoured by Aboriginal people in corroborees performed at these sites. This painting also depicts Water dreaming at kalipinya - a powerful storm bringing on the lightning, thunderclouds and rain sending its deluge to rejuvenate the earth, filling rock holes, clay pans and creeks. The short lines in pairs either side of the central line are the lightning strikes. The central line is the water flowing after the storm.

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