We're talking again about Papunya

3 AM 5542/08
Charlotte Phillipus Napurrula Wallaby Dreaming 2007
Acrylic on Belgian linen
1220 x 1220mm

This painting depiocts the journey of the Ancestral Wallaby spirits who travelled from east of Yuendumu across Central Australia during the Dream or Creation time. The circles may represent sacred water/rock hole sites or ceremonial sites. The four circle shapes in the corners are important mountains. Aboriginal people believe the Creation or Dreamtime is the beginning of 'knowledge', when the laws of existence were put together. It is also the beginning of time when the supernatural Ancestral beings were born out of their own eternity. It is saild the Ancestors moved across the barren surface of the world, hunting and fighting. They changed the form of the land creating the mountains, rivers, trees, plains, water holes and sand hills. The Ancestors were honoured by Aboriginal people in corroborees performed at sacred sites where the spirit of the Ancestors had become part of the landscape, or turned into entities such as rocks or trees.

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