Paddy Carlton

2 PC 002
Paddy Carlton Moolaworr Country - Bullo River - Artist's proof (edition of 40) 1999
Etching, aquatint and sugarlift, printed in red ochre, from one plate image, 560 x 760mm paper $990, framed 490 x 660mm


This painting shows country called Moolaworr along the headwaters of Bullo River in the Northern Territory just across the border from Western Australia. This is part of the artists traditional country and is near Bumbrarl (Bubble Bubble Springs) where he and his family have established an outstation. In the bottom left of the work is Guljabi - a cave with paintings that the old people have made. Bullo River runs through the work in the form of a snake. The animals and plants pictured in the painting represent their dreaming sites. The crocodile, Turtles, Water Lily and fish all have dreaming sites along the course of the river.

This is the last available print from this edition.

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