Out of the Earth Ochre paintings from various regions of Australia

21 AM 6580/09
Jean Baptiste Apuatimi Kulama Yam 2007
Ochre on paper framed under glass
77 x 57cm

That's that special Kulama yam we cook under the ground. Men rub it on their body to grow hair and keep healthy. That Kulama yam poison if you don't cook it right. My husband used to paint Kulama all the time. He taught me how to paint. Kulama ceremony is very important to Tiwi. When finish rain we start Kulama. We used to have Kulama ceremonies at Munkara Park in Nguiu. Kulama ceremony is good for health, good hunting, initiation and good marriage. We have this ceremony once a year, it lasts for three days. They give oeople Tiwi names, prepare Kulama yam and have lots of singing. It's important that Kulama.

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