Arone Meeks Cross Currents from Cairns

15 AM 7118/10
Arone Meeks Cross Currents Series 19 2009
Mono print on Arches paper Paper
1180 x 800mm

These works were created late November/December, working with master print maker Theo Tremblay. Cairns

The idea of using the title “Crosscurrent” was one of the coming of the big wet season and how it marks the journey of new life after the rains as well as the migration of birdlife to this area of far north Queensland.

A lot of images used in the mono’s are symbolic. Those of circles are not of sun and moon, but that of freshwater and saltwater. Many of the figures are representing Bush Spirits/mangroves and my namesake Arone, meaning crane (bird/man).The two types of woven bags are typical of this area and the material used, lawyer cane, can be sourced through the rainforest to produce the bi-corneal basket. Both this bag and the dillybag are symbols of the womb, the canoes a metaphor for a vehicle for which to travel back to the dreaming and an ever present connection. The figures which are resting on the earth have not only marked the end of their song but are becoming features of the landscape.

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