Kimberley dances - Bali Bali Balga & Djunba

2 AM 9235/12
Alan Griffiths Bali Bali Balga 2008
Natural ochre & pigment on canvas
1400 x 1000mm

During times of Law, East Kimberley Aboriginal groups come together for celebration and ceremony. This painting shows the artists own corroboree the Bali Bali Balga. This was given to him by his grandfather when he was a young man. Later in 1974 Alan began to have his own dreams which he has added to the ceremony that he was gifted.

Through out the work are senior men displaying large woven dance boards called Balmoora. Traditionally these were woven from human hair but more recently woven with wool. Each Balmoora represents a dreaming story. In turn each dancer steps forward as the verse that accompanies the Balmoora is sung.

This ceremony is a great celebration and the whole community participates. Senior women carry small Balmoora support the leading men, while people of all ages dance to the music made by clap sticks and didgeridoo.

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