Quela's Eden

1 AM 10549/14
Julian Oates Quela's Eden 2014
Acrylic on canvas
1100 x 2040mm

This painting is a depiction of my life up until now. It expresses everything I have done, seen, experienced and all the people who I have met. As my life continues it is an on-going story and new chapters are added. It is like adding a page to a book or a diary.

This painting shows a tree which exists in Quela's Eden. The tree has a soul. It grows like a person would grow and it has its own thoughts and memories. Each fruit it produces is another story growing, it is another experience and another time. The larger dotted areas are the energy the tree feeds from. Like a Sun.

It is the largest piece I have painted to date. This painting is the basis of my exhibition Quela's Eden. Julian Oates 12th August 2014

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