Jock Mosquito

8 AM 7098/10
Jock Mosquito Boundaries - #10 2007
Ochre on canvas
1500 x 1800cm

Boundaries Series In Jock's Words

Right-o, all around this country here (East Kimberley, Far North Western Australia) big mob of different people and lots of different land. There are boundaries you know - for land and for culture and skin names and languages. This is all pretty important for us.

Me, I'm Jaru - my country is from Nicholson up north to Inverway, Old Kirkimbie and then south to around Ringer Soak and Flora Valley Way. Then going further south to Halls Creek, well you have some Kitja people and some Jaru people. Then at Turkey Creek all the Kitja (Gidja) mob like my wife, Doreen. Further down now to Fitzroy, Balgo and Mullen well there's Wangkatjunka language, same as around Christmas Creek. Fitzroy has some Walmajarri people and Wave Hill, well that's Kurinji mob. Going right down the Canning you come to Kukatja, like old Rover's land.

You go up in a plane and you can see the boundaries of all this land - and you can see the paddocks with the different things growing, then the grazing land and the rivers and roads. These are boundaries too now. All sorts of boundaries - you gotta do the right thing now and get it right every way - right through and over the top and all around.

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