Jaru Jock

8 AM 7081/10
Jock Mosquito Mindi Mindi 2009
Ochre on canvas
60 x 60cm

I have painted the Bungle Bungles from my side – south of Nicholson where I was born. Big high mountains coming up from the desert country, as far as you can see. This isn’t where the tourists come to see the Bungles – this is rough country. All those hills red hot in summer, no water for a long way, and a dangerous part of the country. I haven’t been out that way for a while, but I can remember it well. We used to work in this country when I was on Nicholson. Now about as far as I go is to Ngling Anjaru (Cattle Creek), my Community – that’s to the south and a lot better country down that way.

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