Jaru Jock

21 AM 7094/10
Jock Mosquito Top of Tanami 2007
Ochre on canvas
120 x 180cm

The artist has depicted the mystical Tanami Track in the heart of Australia’s desert country. The movement of the blended infill ochre throughout the work is indicative of the vast expanses of sand in this area, which Jock states is “never still – always changing and going this way and that with the big winds that blow through this place”. The Tanami Track was the main route from the northern regions south towards Alice Springs, both for livestock and supplies. Winding through flatlands, mountains and harsh, dry terrain, it was a memorable experience particularly for the drovers of the early days. The work is painted just before the wet, with the colours of the land reflecting the pale sandy desert and the stark blacksoil plains and dark brown track.

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