Jaru Jock

19 AM 7092/10
Jock Mosquito Mulardie River Way 12195
Ochre on canvas
120 x 150cm

This place is Nicholson country fair way to the north of Ngling Anjaru (Cattle Creek which is Jock’s Community). Those hills there – well, the two top ones are Carbaw country and the two bottom ones are Wiradie country. In the middle is all called Mulardie. That Mulardie River only flows in the wet after big rains, with flat sandy land all around. The old people used to camp here a lot when that river had water in it. Good bush tucker with the rain. We used to come up here when we had time off from work at Nicholson (Cattle Station where Jock was Head Stockman). Rough tracks through the mountains to get to it – no roads. The water doesn’t last too long on the flatlands, so never much grazing for the cattle – pretty dry desert all around.

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