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8 AM 6789/09
Alice Nampitjinpa Tali Tali (Sandhills) 2009
Acrylic on linen
1220 x 710mm

In this work Alice depicts the Tali Tali (or sandhills) surrounding Taalalpi, her "birthing place". Alice was born here in 1943.

Talaalpi is a swamp near and a little bit to the east of Walungurru (or Kintore) on the Western Australian/Northern Territory boarder.

Taalalpi holds great significance for Alice and is the country her Father and Mother used to travel when she was a very small girl. Water has collected in between the sandhills, providing sustenance for her Tjikamata (Porcupine), her personal tjukurrpa (dreaming and / or totem).

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