Law of the Wardaman People

5 AM 4052/06
Bill Harney Turpentine & Hibiscus Dreaming for Bush Medicine 2006
Natural ochres & pigments on Galacia linen
1240 x 670mm

"Birlbunn Dreaming - which is turpentine bush and was put together by the little bird called friar bird called Gerragerromun. Gerragerromun gathered up all the bush medicine - hibiscus Youmin, turpentine Birlbunn, congleberry Bugga-Bugga & white currant Julamaran. That's for my mother's Dreaming - the Lightning Country. When they get hit with the boomerang, or get sore leg or sore arm they get healed up. All headache and all." Bill Harney, October 2006.

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