Gone Fishing

31 AM 405/02
Thompson Yulidjirri Namorrodoh 2000
Ochres on Arches Paper 1/2 sheet 2273-00
76 x 102cm

This painting depicts Namorrodoh (right of painting) who is like an evil dreaming figure. In this story a woman who has just given birth to a baby is left behind by her people, the women and the baby are depicted in this painting close to the fish at the left hand side. The woman saw a large string with several fish and she took some fish from the string, she ca1led her people back to eat them with her. They roasted the fish and ate them while Namorrodoh watched. Later while the people slept in a cave Namorrodoh threw mud at the entrance and trapped them all inside, the cave can be seen at the centre top. He made a small window so he could see his victims. This story is related to a site near Gunbalanya in western Arnhem Land.

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