Gone Fishing

24 AM 445/02
Tjapaltjarri Brothers Leslie Nawirridj Two 2002
Ochres on Arches Paper A3 1687-02


Two Nawakadj brothers were living at Yirrkardadayi (Cooper's Creek area). The older brother was married while his younger brother was single. The older brother was renowned for his hunting abilities, particularly crocodiles. One day the brothers saw a kinga (saltwater crocodile). The elder with his brother's encouragement decided to attempt to hunt the crocodile. He instructed the younger to stop and mind his wife. A great fight ensued as the crocodile fought back. From the bank it was difficult to see what was happening although the younger brother shouted encouragement. It became quiet. When his brother's reproductive organs floated to the surface, the younger Nawakadj realised that his brother had not been successful. He happily took responsibility for his sister-in-law and made her his wife.

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