Eylandt to Island

9 AM 5951/08
Felicity Wanambi & Steven Bara Two Sisters & Brother Story 2008
Acrylic on cotton
760 x 510mm

This canvas tells the story from Batalumba Bay about the two sisters and their brother. The two sisters were always playing jokes on their brother and sometimes were not very nice. Their brother he had enough of his sister's and decided it was time to pay them back. He carved a barracuda amadarrnga out of timber and placed it into the bay at Bartalumba. He asked his sisters to catch the fish for him, so they sat down cross legged at the entrance of the bay to trap the fish so it could not escape for him. Their brother came along with his woomera and spear to catch the fish, but it was real windy and the sisters said "No, No you will spear us instead". But their brother it will be alright, I will not spear you. He was just tricking them. He threw his fish spear and instead of catching the fish it went straight into his sisters leg and pinned them together at the entrance of Batalumba Bay. He was so sick of the cheeky tricks. The tide was coming into the bay and the sisters drowned there. Today you can see their dreaming rocks on a small island out from Batalumba Bay.

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