Eylandt to Island

5 AM 5947/08
Alfred Lalara Seven Sisters and The Orion's Belt 2008
Acrylic on cotton
760 x 510mm

Alfred's artwork is about the Seven Sister and the Orion's Belt. The nine large stars at the bottom half of the painting represents Wurrubirrimba. The three yellow stars are three men paddling canoes and the six red stars below are their wives. During the half moon, the stars that form Wurrubirrimba begin their journey across the sky. When the moon becomes full, while the men and women continue their journey. Wurrubirrimba's journey brings the last rain before the dry season commences. This is also the time when the turtles start to nest. The row of smaller red stars in the middle section is the Milky Way, which Wurrubirrimba passes through.

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