Eylandt to Island

4 AM 5946/08
Alfred Lalara Mamarika Wind & Seven Sisters 2008
Acrylic on cotton
455 X 455mm

Alfred's painting depicts the story of the Mamarika Wind, Seven Sisters and Alfred's mother's story from Dalumby Bay. The two birds are talking down in the South of Groote Eylandt at a place called Dalumbu Bay. They laid their eggs but one broke, this made the beginning of a great wind the southeast wind Yinuyerrma. This is Alfred's mother's story. The Mamarika Wind is known as the South East Winds which comes in the dry season, this is also known as Yiniyerrma. This wind is also used by the Macassans in their travels, they travelled back home to Macassar on the Yiniyerrma wind. The Seven Sisters Wurrubirrimba journey begins during the half moon, they travel westward across the sky. Wurrubirrimba brings the last rain before the dry season.

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