Eylandt to Island

14 AM 5956/08
Chris Watt Dugong Boy, Turtle Boy, Dance Ceremony & Hunting Sc 2008
Acrylic on cotton
900 x 1200mm

Chris's painting tells 4 different stories, The Dugong Boy, Turtle Boy, The Dance Ceremony & Hunting Scene.

That Dugong he been come fro up that way, north and east from Bamaga, and came down to that place on top of Mornington Island. When he got there, he bin go with that girl and those people they cut him up and threw him into the sea and all the pieces and turned him into a rock.

That place today is called Dugong story place, and he is the malkiri spirit of that place there today. All the rocks are in the shape of the correct way to cut up a dugong - tribal way. That is my country from Nithaman to Bedalea all the way up to Dadugun. (as told by Ian Jones) Biyal.

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