Emma's Choice

44 AM 6560/09
Malcolm Jagamarra Lander River - Yellow 2009
Paint infused kiln glass
180mm w x 480mm h x 80mm d

The Lander River is 250 miles NW of Alice Springs in the Tanami Desert. It is the home of the Lander River Warlpiri. I am Kurdungulu (policeman) for this area. From Lander River emerged many Dreamings the principal ones being Budgerigar, Owl, Emu, and Parda Punta (Flying Ant). I have lived most of my life on this area of land and done all my ceremonies here. I began painting this image in 2005. My family loves this image which makes me quite proud. When the Lander River floods the Frog Dreaming emerges. It is the frog that buries itself in the ground and only appears when it is in flood. The Budgerigar Ancestors emerged from where the fork in the river is and spread their wings and flew all across this country. The Budgerigar Ancestors finished their ceremonies by little soft kisses. My nieces are kirda (owners) of this site. At the fork of the river is a permanent water hole. When it was drought times all Warlpiri people gathered here. Willowra, my community, means the site of the first footprints. In 1979 the Lander River Warlpiri got total unalienated freehold title to this land. I will be buried here. This is an original piece by me, Malcolm Jagamarra Maloney.

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