'Dot to Dot'

27 AM 8430/12
Cameron Ross Kemarre Three Little Birds 2012
Acrylic on Galacia linen
680 x 1040mm

This is my story from 1983, but, I believe it begun from birth. In January 1983 I was sent as a juvenile to Wallace Rockhole West of Alice Springs for 12 months detention. The day I had arrived, I saw 3 fairy wrens at the west side of the community. One was red, one was yellow and one double blue. I followed away, quite a distance actually. Later I found out it was a Kudatja man. Fascinated by the whole affair, I always wanted to see more. The birds were so pretty and to see 3 at once was mind blowing. Plus I was only 15 years old at the time. Later that same year, in November, after I had left Wallace Rockhole, I got 2 weeks work on Amberlindum Station, East of Alice Springs. On the first day I saw the white Kangaroo, very fascinated again in the same year. From staring at the Kangaroo I got very sick, he put boils in my kidneys. For 1 month I was very sick in the Alice Springs hospital. The white kangaroo is a Kadatja man; staring at the white kangaroo is a 100% no, no. But, I knew I’ll maybe never see this again in my life.

I’ve added, seven sisters, this is in Arrente country. They were sent down from the creator to create rivers, mountains, trees, flower, certain animal, and many pretty things everywhere. Then when it was time to leave the Sisters gathered together to return to the sky as pretty stars on six came back the seventh sister stayed on the earth for she fell in love with a man who was following her the whole time.

That’s her towards the bottom left hand side. The praying mantis man and his little friend are also in the painting. They are both clouds in the Arrente skyline, always watching. I am the fish in the painting. Truly out of water in this ancient, but, modern day scene, not just twice, but, more times again, I have witnessed the ancient dreamtime creations. But, I will not paint every scene. I know that one day I will see more and maybe I might share it with the world.

I am a kaditja person. This painting is in Arrente country. My country is Kaditja County. I paint this country because of my granny’s, my dad’s, my mum and my mum’s mum, are both Arrente women. So I can paint this country for them, for me, for you. I truly want and hope you enjoy this beautiful painting from the soul.

For it truly is alive today.. Our dreamtime. I feel so happy looking at my painting I’m dancing. God bless and see you there. Click here to download a very large version of this image (approx. 6MB)

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