'Dot to Dot'

20 AM 8221/11
Imelda (Yukenbarri) Gugaman Winpurpurla 2011
Acrylic on Belgian linen
1200 x 800mm

Imelda has depicted her mother's country south of Balgo, in the Great Sandy Desert. This country here is named Winpurpurla after a tjurrnu (soakwater). Winpurpurla is an inta (living water) place so it always has good water. Women travel to Winpurpurla to collect a variety of seeds including lukarrari which is ground to make damper as well as kumpupatja (bush tomato) and karnti (bush potato). Imelda is the first child born to Helicopter Tjungurrayi and Lucy Yukenbarri. This painting was exhibited in the Desert Mob 2011 exhibition at Araluen Cultural Precinct in September 2011 as catalogue number WAY08.

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