'Dot to Dot'

16 AM 8113/11
Ngipi Ward & Gary Ward Kapitu-Kapitu (Water to Water) 2009
Acrylic on linen
1020 x 1020mm

Collaboration between Ngipi Ward and her son Gary. Ngipi and her son Gary have painted an area of country that Ngipi and family members walked over in her younger years following the water sources - kapitu-kapitu (water to water). The circular motifs in this painting represent the rock holes, soakage and clay pans, some more reliable sources of water than others, while the lines between show the walking tracks, creeks and sand hills (tali0 in marking the journeys. Often the only source of water (kapi) in the Gibson Desert region, rock holes are vital to survival and knowledge of their location is essential.

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