Doris Bush Nungarrayi
Doris Bush Nungarayi was born around 1942 at Haasts Bluff. Her father was a Wirlpiri man and her mother was a Pintupi woman from the Kintore region. Doris's grandfather from her mother's side was known as the 'boss' for the Kintore region. Doris's name is short for Dorothy and she is also known by her bush name Darinji. She grew up at Haasts Bluff and married George Bush Tjangala. They have three sons, Kenny, Christopher & Simon. Doris now has six grandchildren. George Bush Tjangala was one of the Papunya Tula Artists original shareholders. He wasn't much of a painter apart from a brief time in the early 1980's. Doris's brother Willy Nakanbala lives in Papunya and after Doris's husband's death in 1997, she spends most of her time in Papunya. In late 2007 Papunya Tupi Arts was established and Doris quickly became of the most productive and keen painters in the community.
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