Critic's Choice

27 AM 7242/10
Paddy Japaljarri Stewart    Marli Jukurrpa (Red Kangaroo Dreaming) Yarnardilyi   2006
Acrylic on cotton     
610 x 300mm

This painting depicts the Marlu Jukurrpa (Red Kangaroo Dreaming, Macropus rufus) from near to Yarnardilyi and Jurnti (Mt Denison area). This painting tells the story of an old kangaroo that makes it’s camp at Jurnti and moves from place to place hunting during the day and returning at night to the camp, which it has formed by digging depressions in the soft ground. The concentric circles represent the rocks at Yarnardilyi and the arc shapes are the Kangaroo’s camp in the Jurnti area. The ‘E’ and hooked shapes are the Marlu Wirliya (fore and hind footprints) while the long, straight lines represent the Marlu Ngirnti (tail tracks). Also recorded in the painting is the visit of a female and juvenile Marlu to the camp of the old male Marlu. This Jukurrpa is the custodial responsibility of the Japaljarri and Jungarrayi subsection.

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