Wakartu Cory Surprise
Senior Walmajarri artist Wakartu Cory Surprise was born in the Great Sandy Desert circa 1929. These are close to words:

"Tapu that's my fathers' country... Kutal my mothers' country... my parents died when I was a baby. I grew up at Wayampajarti... that's my country now. I was born in the desert: I was born at Tapu. I don't remember my mummy or daddy... they were finished up in the desert. When I was crawling I went to Christmas Creek. My sister-in-law Trixie took me. I was promised to one old man... he had two wives. We had no clothes when we came in. We were frightened of the Station manager, we ran away from that place. Two times we ran away to the desert. I went to the desert with my husband we looked for Pijaju Peter Skipper out there, then we all came back for ceremony.
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