Christine Christophersen

3 AM 5356/07
Christine Christophersen I Could Not Dance 2003
Acrylic on linen
2330 x 1960mm

“For Bill Neidjie (my mothers brother) I could not dance for the old man, the pain in my heart would not allow me to stand. My sisters danced, my daughters danced, my grand-daughter danced so sweetly, but inside, my soul….., it dances for you”. Christine Christophersen 2004

Christine painted this picture after the passing of her uncle, the late Bill Neidjie who was known as Gagudju Man.It's his voice still that directs Christine and this was her tribute to Bill.It features his passing.The ceremony that lasted 6 days was a surreal and incredible experience for his niece.She, along with her sisters, daughters and granddaughters were all to dance but Christine was unable to dance.Bill still dances in her heart.Bill's body was laid in ceremony on the bush table that features in the middle of the painting surrounded by 10 spears.The man dressed in khaki to the left of the painting is Namatbara Paddy Compass, a man of high degree, who had incredible spiritual powers.Bill Neidjie was his apprentice. This painting received a Highly Commended certificate at the 2004 Telstra NATSIAA exhibition in Darwin.

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