Cameron Ross Kemarre

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1 AM 14955/18
Cameron Ross Kemarre Dance Me Dreamtime to the End of Time 2018
Acrylic on Galicia linen
690 x 320mm, 700 x 340mm framed

From my birth on the 17th of November 1966, I have been shown the dreamtime (culture) through my dreams, visions, day and night, the landscape, my people, family, friends, spirits, things I cannot explain, and only now am I starting to see and understand life, it's taken me fifty years, many scenes later. I'm really beginning to see the light. Again, I can share with you the world, my life, what I see through my eyes, something that's from this beginning, The Dreamtime from my dad's, mum's people, Yipirinya: Aranda people's country, Given to us from the 'Lord God, The Creator of All That Is.' For tens of thousands of years we were shown his creation from beginning to the end of this era. Blessed I am, as we all are. First the dreams of the very tall praying mantis mans and his small people friend chasing me along Gap Road in Alice Springs, NT, almost nightly, (middle of painting). All the pretty fish in the creek and rivers, west of Alice Springs towards Hermannsberg with my dad as a kid in the 70s. In the 80s I saw the Three Fairy Wren birds, one red, one yellow and the third a blue one. This was at Wallace Rockhill '83. The same year I saw the White Kangaroo. Which is the Kaditja Man. He put lots of boils in my kidneys. I became very sick for just over a month. The white doctors were baffled, they just didn't understand even when I tried to explain them. I've seen the spirits at work. I've seen people with spiritual gifts that are out of this world. (Marilyn?) Truly darling human race, it's coming now, It's nearly here. Love you all forever and eternity. We must love this earth with all of our hearts and souls. May our creator bless us all. And he does. When you stare at this painting imagine you're in central Australia. See the majestic caterpillars (McDonald Ranges) crawling across the landscape. The whole scene of the landscape is here. See it. Thank you brothers and sisters. Cameron Ross Kemarre

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