Blackstone or the Bush:

60 AM 6534/09
Narelle Kanpatja Holland Murruntjarra 2009
Acrylic on canvas
760 x 910mm

This is a story about Emu hunting. A man was travelling from Walu and was hunting Emu. He saw the Emu at a rockhole and speared it. Narelle has painted country where the emu was hunted. The men would go to the rock hole to spear the emu, using stillness as their weapon. The first layer of paint marks the country and its landmarks, the second layer, a delicate layering of lush cream and white dotting depict the spinifex which camouflages the country. The men have been painted with the raw brush strokes contained in the first layer and the second laying of spinifex and dotting cloaks the men, keeping them hidden from the viewer and the Emu they hunt.

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